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bioProZERO is the most advanced protein/recovery formula on the market, delivering the highest ratio of muscle building amino acids to starving muscle tissue. bioProZERO contains the highest-grade Cross-Flow Microfiltration Whey Protein Isolate. We do not use inferior Ion Exchange Whey, or any other lower grade proteins, such as whey concentrate, milk protein isolate, casein, etc., PERIOD! bioProZERO is the purest protein/recovery product you will ever use.

bioProZERO contains a full serving of bioREPAIR in every scoop. bioREPAIR is the industry’s most potent recovery agent, providing a specific blend of chelated glutamine and 3.3:1:1 BCAA’s. Chelated (molecularly bonded) glutamine is an ingredient created through a patented process of molecularly bonding a mineral to glutamine, which dramatically enhances glutamine’s ability to reach the muscle cell. Although glutamine is essential for optimal muscle recovery, up to 80% of ingested glutamine is utilized in the intestinal tract and/or immediately converted to pyroglutamic acid. bioREPAIR contains “chelated glutamine” to bypass this process and ensure the highest quantity of glutamine reaches the muscle tissue, where it is used to prevent muscle tissue breakdown (catabolic state), speed recovery, and boost the immune system. There IS a difference! bioREPAIR also contains our specific 3.3:1:1 BCAA complex, for additional lean muscle building properties.