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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body, constituting more than 60% of the protein in skeletal muscle. As the building blocks of protein, amino acids are crucial for various bodily functions, and Glutamine plays a vital role in your body’s production of many essential chemicals, including other amino acids and glucose.

During periods of intense training, high stress, or illness, glutamine stores in the muscle can be significantly depleted. Low glutamine levels may lead to catabolism, causing muscle tissue waste and extended recovery times. Supplementing with 1st Phorm Glutamine ensures optimal levels of this amino acid, aiding faster recovery and boosting the immune system. Glutamine supplementation has also shown an anti-catabolic effect, particularly useful in preventing muscle breakdown immediately after intense training when the body is highly catabolic.

For individuals aiming to preserve lean muscle while losing weight, glutamine is beneficial. This amino acid supports anabolism, a mechanism that prevents muscle breakdown, requiring additional protein.

Glutamine also contributes to improving gut health and strengthening the immune system, enhancing the body's ability to fight off bacteria. Explore more about the benefits of taking glutamine that cater to the overall health needs of different individuals.

Fight muscle breakdown, enhance immune system function, and recover faster with 1st Phorm Glutamine.

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