CALL FOR BEST PRICING! 1st Phorm - Ignition: Glycogen Replenishment

Description: Ignition is a post-workout supplement designed to maximize muscle recovery and growth by addressing the often-overlooked aspect of glycogen replenishment and insulin spiking. While protein is crucial post-workout, Ignition emphasizes the importance of pairing it with a fast-absorbing carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores quickly. The pure dexanhydrous glucose in Ignition provides a rapid insulin spike, optimizing the environment for recovery and protein synthesis. Unlike other carbohydrates, Ignition bypasses liver storage, hitting muscles instantly and saving valuable time. By stacking Ignition with a high-quality hydrolyzed whey isolate, users experience increased energy, muscle stamina, and improved mental alertness, buying valuable muscle-building time and enhancing overall results.

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