Front Line Formulations Gauntlet

Introducing Gauntlet: Your Ultimate Mid Stim Pre-Workout

Gauntlet is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most sought-after mid-stim pre-workouts in the market! Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Boasting 275mg of caffeine combined with 50mg of astragin for almost instant absorption!

  • 300mg of L-Theanine to prevent jitters and eliminate that typical pre-workout crash!

  • Unrivaled skin-tearing pumps with patented Alpha Size GPC and a whopping 6000mg of citrulline!

  • Comes in 5 mouth-watering flavors to keep your taste buds excited for every sip!

Warning: If under the care of a physician, please consult with your doctor before taking. This product is meant for healthy adults 18 or over. Do NOT take this product if you have a history of kidney disease or heart conditions. Keep out of reach from children. Do NOT exceed one serving in any given 12-hour period.