Project Jacked - Anabolic Warfare

Project Jacked: Advanced Strength & Power Formula

  • *Advanced Strength & Power Formula
  • *Improve Exercise Performance
  • *Increase Lean Mass
  • Benefits

Unleash Your Maximum Strength and Power Potential

Project Jacked is our most advanced strength and power formula designed to elevate your workout performance and support the growth of dense, striated muscle. This comprehensive formula combines key ingredients to promote strength, enhance protein synthesis, and contribute to the development of lean muscle mass.

Key Features:

  • Promotes Strength: Power through plateaus and achieve dense, striated muscle.*
  • Rhaponticum Extract: Supports strength, protein synthesis, and lean muscle mass, aiding in faster recovery.*
  • Peak ATP: Non-stimulant energy source enhancing exercise performance, strength, power, and reducing muscle fatigue.*
  • ElevATP: Natural ingredient supporting improved strength, power, and overall performance.*
  • Maral Root: Contributes to muscle growth and enhanced physical performance.*
  • BioPerine®: 5mg for increased nutrient bio-availability, ensuring optimal absorption of nutrients from whole foods and supplements.*


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